A Headshot is a portrait. It is a portrait that should convey something about you to a potential client, a casting director, or a future employer. What do you want to convey? Confident and kind? Trustworthy? Strong and confident. How about approachable? If you don't have a headshot, or you don't have a great headshot, you could be losing out on business. Your photograph is often your first introduction to someone; especially online. When I'm looking for a new doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc., the first thing I click on is the staff photos. If there aren't any, I move on. I think most people do that! They want to look in your eyes, know something about you. Do they see compassion in a doctor's eyes? Is this lawyer someone they can trust? People are not looking for beauty or perfection in a photo of you. They are looking for something they can relate to.

It is not your job to be photogenic, or to know what to do or how to pose. If I let you pose yourself, I am letting you down. It is my job to put you at ease, pose you properly to bring out all your best qualities, and get an expression people can believe. At my best, I can bring out an expression your Mom can believe!

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Individual packages begin at $99

Group pricing begins at $99 each person, discount for 10 or more.