"My goal is to give you the best photograph you've ever seen of yourself!"

If you're like many of the women I work with, you

  • Haven't been photographed professionally in a very long time.
  • Are waiting to lose 5 to 10 pounds before getting photos done.
  • Tend to put everybody else before yourself.
  • Feel that you are not "photogenic."

I know how you feel. I had my first child when I was 36 years old and my second when I was 38. It has been very hard for me to lose the weight I gained through pregnancies.  I put off our family photo so long that our oldest went off to college. It's difficult to schedule time with everybody with sports, other parents, girlfriends, etc. I wasted so many years waiting to be perfect. Never happened. It was easier to put everybody else ahead of me. That's selfless, right? Taking care of me is selfish.

What I learned over time was this. Taking care of myself is taking care of my family! At the end of my life, my kids will cherish photos of me. They will look for those photos and hold them close. When they pull an old box from the closet what will they find? I want them to have pictures of me. Holding my kids, laughing, doing the things I loved? They won't think I look fat or wrinkly. They'll think of how much I they love me-  and how much I loved them.

Well, we finally had those family pictures done. I made sure to have photos of me with each child. Photos with my husband, and alone. We got some with everybody, including the pets. I exist in photographs. For my family, my children, for future generations. They are printed and on the wall.


As a photographer I specialize in photographing women. I love to make you look and feel amazing. My process is designed to ensure you get the best photographs through consultation, so we know what exactly you are looking for and what I can do for you. We plan the details of what you should wear and what to bring- so there's no guesswork for you.  I offer hair and makeup services, so you will look your best. I know the lenses, lighting, and posing to bring out your most beautiful images. Here are some of my favorite compliments:

Andrea, I have never seen anything like it. What an unbelievable, beyond professional and stunning set of photographs you produced of my wife. We men sometimes overlook and forget how incredible and beautiful our wives are; you simply blew me away with those photographs.
I decided to stop hiding from a camera today. Andrea Moon made me feel gorgeous. I tried to hide but life is not to be hidden. Scars are our battle cry and today I show you my scars. So thinking back we sometimes have to come full circle to feel our beautiful lives. For the first time I feel gorgeous.
— Lanell
I LOVE the photos she took - I still can’t believe they’re me! Her pictures capture a side of me I didn’t know existed. Her pictures made me feel beautiful and sexy. Thank you Andrea!
— Carolyn
omg....that is amazing....I am crying....I never knew I could look so pretty and confident....Thank you thank you thank you
— Susie
Are you that photographer who makes women feel beautiful?
— Woman at event

Isn't it time for you to exist in photographs?